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Creating Systems to put YOU Center Stage

Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP & Immediate Past President NSA National
8:30 am to 12:00 pm Open Meeting

Rockstar Fundraising Event

Michael Port, CSP
8:00 am to 3:00 pm Open Meeting

From Gerry Lantz, NSA-PHL President 2016-2017

Kicking Off the 2016-2017 NSA PHL Speaking Season

Building a Community of Professional Speakers

Gerry LantzSeptember 2016 — First order of business is a “thank you” to Scott Simons for his terrific leadership and business development for NSA PHL last year. It’s a privilege to be the President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NSA. All of us on the Board have been working to bring the membership top-notch professional experiences this year.

Avish Parashar, our VP of Programming, has pulled together an exceptional list of speakers and programs for this year.

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    Ruby Newell-Legner, September 16th, DoubleTree, Plymouth Meeting: Ruby has been the NSA National President for the past year. She is an expert at creating raving fans for sports and other organizations around the country and the world. Ruby is a shining light in NSA and don’t miss the chance to experience her and learn how to build your speaking business.

    Fall Fundraising Event with Michael Port, October 7th, Pyramid Club, Center City: Michael Port is an author (NY Times best-seller), a professionally trained actor (M.F.A from NYU), and a professional speaker ($30K per gig). Michael is a speaking business expert who will give your performance skills, marketing, and business building the jolt it needs.

New Ways to Get Together, New Content, New Relationships

In addition, Avish, the Board, and Seamless Events have devised new ways share ideas and practices to grow your speaking business—webinars, video conferences, and informal meet-ups that are coming up this year.

    Cyndi Po, our VP of Marketing, is the captain of our outreach efforts with a strong emphasis on social media—and guiding a new website we will develop this year. Thank you to David Newman, CSP, for contributing to this web project.

    Lou Lessig has moved up to President Elect and VP of Membership, so you will be hearing from him personally this year as he grows our numbers and our connections.

    Scott Simons has moved into our Dean of the Speakers Academy and has given it a complete re-stage and a re-launch. You will be hearing more about the Academy through the Fall with a start date of the first of the year.

We have some Board and committee positions to fill, and we will be reaching out to the membership about the roles you can help play—and the benefits of doing so. Personally, I have found within NSA at the chapter level and nationally, that when you give, you get back many times over.

The theme for NSA PHL this year is “Building a Community of Professional Speakers”. This guiding theme comes right out of the experience we had last year. When NSA National members, CSPs/CPAEs, and other working speakers come together, big ideas get shared and the bonds in this professional community grow stronger. Over and over, it occurs to me that the NSA isn’t an organization you merely “join”, but it is one in which you “belong.”

So let’s keep building a community of professional speakers.

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My Best,

Gerry Lantz

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'It's a Collaborative Thing'

As an organization, NSA Philadelphia is committed to increasing the public's awareness of the professional speaker by promoting integrity, visibility and performance skills. Our members don't compete; we support each other through knowledge, networking and communication.

Must-Have Resource

How to Succeed as a Public Speaker

Professional speaking is a very easy profession in which to get started and a very challenging profession in which to succeed. Our NSA Philadelphia Speakers Academy program can help you develop a step by step process to accelerate your speaking success.

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