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How to have a Kick-Butt Business without Working Your Butt Off

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From Gerry Lantz, NSA-PHL President 2016-2017

Leadership. It's all about YOU!

Gerry LantzMarch 2017

Looking for Future NSA PHL Board and Committee Members

Steve Coscia, CSP, past President and a repeat NSA PHL Board member, is a model to me. Steve has so many good qualities that it’s pretty tough to list them all. The two qualities I admire most about Steve are that he is a man of action—when he’s involved in a discussion he always asks, “So what are we going to do?”—and that he continues to take Board level roles in the chapter—despite a heavy duty road schedule. He’s famous for his pick-up truck and booked solid calendar as he drives around the country delivering workshops and keynotes as a customer service expert to the HVAC industry. Steve was Membership Chair last year and has volunteered to be Treasurer this year. He’s committed.

Others who keep stepping up to help with our local speaker community is Jim Smith Jr., Mr. Impact (or as he as brands “JIMPACT”). Jim takes time out of his schedule every year to teach and inspire emerging speakers at our Speakers Academy—and he’s back in graduate school himself currently. Similarly, Karen Jett, a branding expert, has taken time to lead the monthly follow-up calls for the Academy and to help evaluate their final platform performance. A whole list of speaking professionals in our chapter will be leading sessions in the Academy. Our Immediate Past President and Academy Dean, Scott Simon, not only revamped our curriculum, but also provides his facilities for class sessions. Our President-Elect, Lou Lessig, whose cool video is on our home page, is Membership Chair while doing double duty with officer level roles with SHRM.

So many brilliant speaker community members have made or will make contributions this year: Elaine Pasqua CSP, Aldonna Ambler CSP, Carol Kivler CSP, Melinda Emerson (our “SmallBizLady”), Neen James CSP, David Newman CSP, Avish Parashar (a programming and promotion stalwart) and so many more. (I know I will get in trouble for leaving people out of the litany of praise. Thanks to all of you, especially the Board members.) The point is my dear soulmates is that we are a giving community of experienced professionals. When we get together in all of these activities, there is an increasing camaraderie—we’re in this together. As Steve Coscia says, “If you are a speaker or want to be, you’re in the right place.”

The ASK: Nominate Yourself for NSA PHL Board or Committee Positions

As you can see, many hands make light work (forgive the cliché but it’s true). Lou Lessig, the Board, and I will be pulling together succession plans for the Board and Committees this Spring for the 2017-2018 calendar year. Board Members/Chairs must be NSA Professional Members, but Committee heads are open to those who want to deepen their participation in the community.

Specifically, we need:

• Marketing Chair and Committee support

• Membership Chair (when Lou becomes President) and Committee support

• Volunteers to play multiple roles in our open meetings welcoming guests, etc.

Contact Lou or me:

Feeling Lucky? On March 16th Members-Only will be gathering for an intimate conversation about How to Become an Influencer. AND on April 21st our Open event to everyone will bring you more than you can imagine with learning How to Build a Successful Keynote Business One Connection at a Time with Marilyn Sherman! REGISTER NOW ON OUR EVENTS CALENDAR!

See you soon!

My Best,

Gerry Lantz

Speaking More. Speaking Better.

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