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Getting started in the speaking business can seem like a daunting task – there is so much information, so many, approaches, and so much to do that it can be overwhelming!

This 6-week teleseminar series will give you the straight-forward information you need to get your business going and shorten your learning curve. Each session is led by an experienced NSA Speaker who understands the business and knows what it takes to get started.

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“You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

NSA-PHL: Building a community of professional speakers helping other speakers

NSA-PHL is your local chapter of the National Speakers Association. Serving the professional speaking community in the Philadelphia and the tri-state region, our goal is to provide professional and emerging speakers with the support and community to develop a successful speaking business. Networking together and building relationships with other speaking professionals will enhance all aspects of your speaking career including growing your speaking opportunities

Members enjoy monthly training events, special member-only meetings, and resources to learn and answer questions or help you with direction as you build your business as a speaker.

Through our Speaker’s Academy, we offer training to beginning and emerging speakers who desire to take a big step toward full national membership as you build your career as a paid speaking professional.

As a Professional Speaker, a supportive and experienced community can be the building block in the progress of your success no matter what level you are currently at as a Professional Speaker. Becoming a part of our community will be one of the most pivotal things you can do for your business.